A Unit Of Sant Nikka Singh Public School Trust Society         

A unit of Sant Nikka Singh Public School Trust Society


Director's Message


“Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of values.

-Albert Einstein


God made man after His own image, says the Bible. So the ultimate goal of man’s life should be to achieve God’s love and spread the fragrance of his good deeds and happiness everywhere. Success which is not enriched with values cannot  enable us to attain this goal. A successful man can acquire materialistic possessions, ‘Suvidha’, etc. but not ‘Sukh’. Values are, indeed, the essence of life. They build up the total personality of a person.


Shiv Mahadev, Rishi Dadhichi, Harish chander, Bali, Karna, Lord Rama, Bharat, Swami Vivekanand, Maharishi Dayanand & Mahatama Gandhi sacrified each & everything to defend values. The war of Mahabharta was fought on the foundation of values as well.


Values can be positive as well as negative. Dear children, nourish positive values such as honesty, love, peace, truth, tolerance, sacrifice, compassion, altruism, right conduct, respect, religion, non-violence, and discard negative values, viz., impatience, greed, blind faith, arrogance, cunningness and narrow mindedness, for these will make a dent in your personality. A person with negative values, of course, dies unwept, unhonoured and unsung.


I feel hounoured to say that SNS Public School, Zarifa Farm, Karnal is being run under the able patronage of His Holiness, Mahant Baba Ram Singh Ji Maharaj, unique direction of Srimaan Sant Baba Jodh Singh Ji and Sant Amrik Dev Ji who are role models of positive values and inspire us all to develop them.


Col  (Dr.)  D.S Khaira

 Secretary  & Director