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Our Patron

His Holiness Mahant Baba Ram Singh Ji Maharaj


Worthy of the grace of most respected Brahmgyani Sant Baba Nikka Singh Ji Maharaj, the present Mahant of Nirmal Ashram Rishikesh, His Holiness Mahant Baba Ram Singh Ji Maharaj is a man of clean and pure conscience. The radiance on his face and the glitter in his soft kind eyes are a clear and visible testimony of his spiritual powers.  He is always lost in the bliss of the soul, obedience to the Guru and the glory of God. Light and knowledge of absolute truth always burn in his pure heart and he is determined to permeate the whole world with it.



As a compassionate soul, he has established humanitarian service-centres/projects such as Nirmal Hospital (NAH), Nirmal School (NDS), Nirmal Academy (NGA), Eye Hospital (NEI), Harikirpa Silai Kendra at Rishikesh. All the SNS institutes of Karnal, namely, SNS Public School, Nirmal Dham, SNS Public School, Zarifa Farm, SNS Public School, Sadar Bazar, SNS Institute of Vocational Training & Private ITI are also being run under his divine patronage.


Occasionally, devotees come to him for the redressal of their worldly and religious doubts. Benevolent  Maharaj Ji enlightens their mind through Gurbani and  blesses them with God’s Name  (‘Naam daan’) and offers ‘parsad’ to them.


Satgur Sikh kao naam dhan dey

Gur Ka Sikh vadbhagi hey.


Because of the love and affection of the devotees, Maharaj Ji visits their homes and work places on fixed dates. Recitation of Gurbani is followed by Guru Ka Langar. Similarly, he visits foreign lands, too, and blesses the devotees there.