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Rules & Regulations

“Good buildings do not make a good school or a good college.”

–Stephen Leacock


It is an established fact that the success or worth of an institution is not judged by its beautiful building, but by its good rules and regulations, healthy traditions and academic results, in particular.


Hence, the institution makes every possible effort to motivate students to adhere to its rules and regulations.




Since discipline is the essence of  life, students are advised to keep their class rooms/school building/campus, etc., neat and clean.


School uniform is a symbol of not only identify and pride but also self-discipline. So all the students are expected to wear the proper uniform as prescribed by the school.


It is obligatory on the part of every student to observe polite behaviour. Shouting, bullying or use of foul language is not allowed.




A student is expected to complete 75% of school attendance in order to appear for the annual examination.

Attendance for the morning assembly, extra classes, all types of functions, activities, is compulsory.

An application for leave will be entertained only provided it is duly endorsed by Parent/Guardian.

The name of a student who absents himself/herself for 6 consecutive days without leave will be struck off the school rolls.




A student can be asked to leave the school on any one of the following grounds:

  • Constant weakness in studies
  • Habitual irregularity in attendance
  • Disobedience to teachers
  • Misconduct/Cheating/Theft, etc.